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I want to stand out at a Career Day. How can I do it?

Have you ever entered a huge Career Day thinking “Now what?” and then passing 3 hours doing nothing? You are not alone – a job fair can be stressful. However, the way to overcome this is to be prepared in advance and to be yourself when you go there.

Here are 4 steps you need to follow to ensure that you make the most of your next career event:

1. Failing to plan means planning to fail

Started planning several days before the event, looking for the employers who will be there. Then, you can make a list of those who you really like and investigate these companies meticulously. Workathlon can help you in your effort!

2. Prepare a memorable presentation for yourself

At major events, you will not have much time to face with potential employers, so you should make the most of whatever opportunity you are given. You want them to remember your name and face, so start with a smile, handshake and clear introduction. Then say something that makes you unique, for example why you love the industry, what is your work philosophy etc.

Of course, you should not omit to refer to the employer the reasons why you admire his company, why you would fit perfectly with their culture and why your education, experience and skills make you an excellent candidate. Be careful! Do not be unprepared here – they will notice it. Make an extended survey of the company’s profile and refer to specific features of it.

Extra Tip

Do not first approach the top employer to your preference. Practice your self-presentation with other employers and go with greater confidence to your beloved one.

3. There is no second chance to make a first impression

Deal with Career Day as a job interview. Make sure you are friendly with the company’s representative, but not too casual, as they will easily assume that you will act like this if they hire you. Like every interview, make sure you have a few questions for them. You can ask about the recruitment process or possible career paths within the company, for example.

One way to avoid a bad first impression is to take a break between people and note who you have spoken with and what is left to do. You do not want to wander around the fair and not show up or look unorganised in the eyes of the employers.

Extra Tip

Do not be disappointed if a job is filled, removed or the spokesman does not know about it. Ask him for contact details and contact them later.

4. Get out in style

As your conversation ends, do not forget to ask for the representative’s business card.

Extra Tip

If you want to go one step further, you can print your own business cards. It will make you stand out from the other candidates in the eyes of the employers.

Also, make sure you send a follow-up email after the end of the fair to please the people you spoke to.

Last but no least, quickly check the list below before the big day and be sure that you will succeed:

  1. List the companies who will be there

  2. Pre-register to the event, if available

  3. Visit the exhibition’s website and download a map of the event

  4. Wear smart but comfortable clothes that exude professionalism

  5. Get a small bag for your phone, wallet, pen, paper

  6. Make sure your CV is fully updated and without any mistakes

  7. Take about 20-25 copies of your resume and carry them in a folder

Still nervous about the prospect of talking to so many recruiters at the same time? Remember that in these events everything is about efficient networking.

Follow the aforementioned tips and shine bright at the next Career Day you will be attending. Maybe this moment is closer than you think thanks to Workathlon!


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