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How Many Dreams Can Be Built In A Career Day?

How many ambitions can be born on a Career Day?

How many careers can start on a Career Day?

Have you ever attended an event like this? If so, surely you will have numerous memories and great impressions. If not, keep reading this article to find out why you should dare to do so soon.

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What if I told you that in the same place you can meet thousands of business representatives, receive information on current issues, as well as conduct many interviews. Certainly you will not believe me, will you? However, for several years such events have been building bridges between job seekers and companies that are looking for staff. Thus, you have the opportunity to get to know many companies, to learn about their culture and philosophy, as well as to learn more about the open job vacancies.

If i asked you, it could have happened to you the following: you have wasted valuable time searching the internet for job ads countless hours, but also seeking the right place for an interview. Maybe you have been lost, maybe you have noted the wrong address and maybe in the first minute something inside you tells you that you did not make the right choice. I guess that you identify with this, right?

On a Career Day, however, all of these are eliminated. Because the location is the same for all companies. And of course it is difficult for you to get lost, since they usually take place in large hotels or in established places every year, such as exhibition centers.

You will point out to me here that, in order to find a job today, you will have to “run” and send tooooo many CVs. WOW! We all know this feeling! However, I challenge you to try it. Because in life, only when we try, we do increase our chances of success. Undoubtedly, the chances of finding your new job are increasing, if you enroll in a Career Day.

And why should you do that?

If you would like to 
  1. be hired immediately by a company,

  2. get information about culture and philosophy of a company, as they play an important role in your choice

  3. get business contacts and network

  4. learn what the job market is asking for today and how you will become competitive.

  5. get information about the new trends and data of the industry that interests you

  6. keep in touch with the job market,

  7. be informed directly about the requirements of many positions that interest you,

  8. prefer seasonal work and are looking for your next employer,

  9. conduct a double digit number of interviews with top companies in a single day,

  10. approach employers who are far away from you

  11. and you want all this to be done at no cost

Then, do not wait any longer … A Career Day has the solution to everything you are looking for.

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Such events have always been a trademark of Workathlon.

Every year it organizes at least 3 Career Days with hotels and tourism companies from Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and beyond. Rocabella Santorini, Canaves Oia, Kalesma Mykonos, Viking Cruises, Acrotel, Andronis, Metaxa Hospitality, BlueGr, Viking Cruises, Sani / ikos Group, Atlantica Hotels & Resorts, Santikos Collection, Kanava Hotels & Resorts are just some of the partners who trust us each year and are present at the Career Days of Workathlon.

In the previous event, 2,600 interviews in total were conducted and 2000 candidates took their next professional step finding work in one of the 41 hotels that took part.

Waitresses, receptionists and interns and even Marketers, IT Officers and Hotel Managers conduct 10-minute interviews with the hotels that interest you and give their best to stand out. If we have not yet persuaded you to register, find here videos with candidates from previous events who tell us about their experience. Their smiles are diffuse and their enthusiasm is riveting. What? Haven’t you seen them yet? I am waiting for you….

Undoubtedly, they transmitted a lot to you from the pulse of that day. Stay tuned on our social media for the next Career Day, which is coming soon.

For those of you who do not know what Workathlon is!

Workathlon is the solution to the hirings in the field of hospitality. It uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technology to correspond talents to open positions and provides the best professional solutions to the needs of each candidate. More than 52,000 candidates and 410 employers trust Workathlon.

You can find the hotels that collaborate with us every year here.

Take part in our next Hybrid Hospitality Career Days in ATHENS and THESSALONIKI

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’Audrey Hepburn

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