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From an Internship to a Promising Career in Hotel Industry (video)

Need some motivation today? Watch Olympia’s interview and get inspired!

Are you planning on making a career in the Hotel industry? Have you thought about the steps you’ll need to take to get started on your quest?

A university degree in Hospitality management is a great place to begin your efforts. However, in addition to the degree, you will also need some real – world experience.

By interning in a Hotel, you can get hands – on experience performing most, if not all, of the duties you’d have if you worked at a Hotel. You’ll interact with guests and other employees and learn what life behind the reservation desk is like. Because it’s a critical part of most Hotel jobs, you’ll also get a “crash course” in customer service.

Regardless of the formal requirements of your university degree program, you should do a couple of good hotel internships anyway, like the internship in “bluegr Minos Palace hotel & suites” Olympia did.

In the exclusive interview Olympia gave to Workathlon, like a number of other professionals in the Hotel industry too, she referred to some of the essential skills and perks she gained by doing her internship to the well -established Hotel of Crete.

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In her own words: “My name is Olympia Eleni Chachouli and I’m currently working as a Receptionist. As a student in “Higher School of Tourism Education of Crete”, I had the chance to start an internship wherever I would choose. So, I decided to join “bluegr Minos Palace hotel & suites” because of the fact that it’s an enjoyable workspace, the hotel management always gives motives to the young employees and also, each employee’s value is appreciated here”.

Olympia started her career at the Hotel as an intern at the Front Office and now, you’ll find her there as a professional receptionist. As she says – among other things – the Front Desk of a Hotel business represents its greater image to the public. It gives the first (good or bad) impression to the guests.

As she pointed out in her interview, every day is special. However, the most important thing is welcoming the new guests and seeing off those who have just made their checkout.

“I believe the most important thing is to love what you do and go to work in a pleasant mood”, Olympia says.

And remember; whether through an entry – level position or a Ηotel internship, every individual interested in working in the exciting field of hotel management must gain valuable work experience. Thankfully, a variety of relative jobs are often available. Haven’t already found yours? Visit our portal and stay tuned for job alerts. Because, the next step in your career starts here…!



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