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Can a Tourism Career be built through seasonal jobs?

by George Lyras, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon

Most people want to work in a city hotel where they will be close to their home, not having to miss their friends and family. On the other hand, there are several people who think that they could combine work with extremely pleasant holidays if they select to work at a seasonal hotel.

Life and especially career ask for sacrifices and teaches you that most of the times, you cannot have it both ways.

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In most of the periods in your lifetime, and depending on the decisions you have made on that moment, you seem to win something while yo also lose something else.

You just need to be ready to stand for your current beliefs and choices and be ready to face all positive or negative consequences.

Is seasonal job right for me?

  1. What really pushes you to work in a seasonal destination?

  2. Do you like the idea of working extensively for 6 months and take off another 6?

  3. Is the fact that the salaries are higher?

  4. Is your annual revenue indeed higher than working in an all year property?

  5. What research have you made for the employer you are going to work for?

  6. What is the employer brand you look for?

  7. Do you start a cooperation seeing yourself within this company for several years and why?

  8. What are you going to gain from this experience?

  9. Is this going to be only for this summer?

  10. What are your winter plans? How will you prepare yourself for the next season?

  11. What is the mindset you have when you depart from home to start your season?

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Can I succeed professionally through seasonal job?

There are not right or wrong answers. But your answers will demonstrate whether you perceive a seasonal job as something temporary without long term results or whether you may build and follow the career path you dreamt of. From our side, we may confirm that you can create a career by working seasonally.

You only need to keep in mind that the ingredients of success are always:

  1. Hard Work

  2. Devotion

  3. Loyalty

  4. Focus on your target

Of course there will be distractions. Even the fact that there is a pause period may disorientate you from your goal, but it is up to you to allow this to happen. Even in winter months, plan everything that will further develop and prepare you for the next season.

Work hard, prove your skills and the recognition will come as well as the evolution of your career. We are our choices and our actions. Life builds up with your experiences.

You are the manufacturer of your own life. Make sure that you start with strong foundations.

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