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4 reasons you should consider a career in Hotel Μanagement

It is a matter of fact that, nowadays, the Hotel industry is moving at a fast pace, making Hotel management a fruitful career choice. But, before considering making your career in this promising industry, you have to think about the qualifications, as well as your priorities and the special characteristics of your personality.

Dealing with a Hotel comes with a wide range of duties. You should have the capacity to adjust to new difficulties, help diverse offices and guarantee that the lodging keeps up with high standards.

So, as we can all easily understand, Hotel Managers are in high demand and there are a lot of relative jobs out there. Therefore, here are four reasons you should consider – if you haven’t done so yet- a career in Hotel management.

1.It’s a creative industry

In order to thrive and grow, the hospitality and tourism industries need creative people. To succeed as a Hotel manager, you have to be able to come up with new ideas on a regular basis, such as themed events or guided tours in order to improve the service that you provide.

Each guest is different and so are their needs. In this role you are always creating a product, be this a new recipe for the restaurant, innovative cocktails for the bar or the overall guest experience.

2.You can take early responsibilities

Hotel managers are responsible for each and every aspect of the Hotel that they work for, from front departments, such as reception and concierge services, to housekeeping, maintenance and catering. Many times, the responsibilities include also hiring staff, managing budgets, as well as taking care of public relations.

Hospitality is one of the few sectors where you can take early responsibility and achieve a management position at a relatively young age. It’s an undoubted truth that candidates who can demonstrate initiative and the ability to work well in a team move up the career ladder really quickly.

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3.Great benefits

Many bonus programs that can supplement your satisfying yearly salary are usually offered in the industry. These bonuses depend on the performance, i.e. level of customer satisfaction, meeting the revenue goals and other related services. However, the amount and kind of benefits that an employee receives depends upon his/her performance. An employee can earn a good amount of monetary rewards if he/she has an amazing performance, in comparison to others.

4.The chance to travel – A lot!

Hospitality and tourism opportunities, including jobs in Hotel management, exist in countries all over the world. If you work as a manager for a large chain Hotel, you’ll probably have the chance to travel not only locally, but also internationally.

But how can I get there?

One of the quickest routes to a job in Hotel management is through an undergraduate degree. While a master isn’t usually a requirement for a relative job, it could help you stand out to employers. However, of course it is possible to get into Hotel management without a degree, but in these circumstances employers usually expect a notable experience in a similar role. In any case, take it easy! Even if you don’t have any relevant qualifications, you can start at the bottom and work your way up. In large Hotel chains it isn’t unheard of for porters and front-of-house reception staff to climb the ladder to become Hotel managers.



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