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The Checklist Before Accepting/Declining a Job Offer

by Aias Katsaros, Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon

All professionals have undergone the search for a new job at one point in our careers. This usually is an exciting time, since there are so many possibilities for you.

However, this is also accompanied by the anxiousness of your CV being selected, attending the interview and making a great impression by hopefully charming the interviewer with your personality and expertise.

Once the interview period has been completed, there is the dreaded “Wait” until you hear back from your potential employers and receive the good or bad news. And after a few days (or sometimes longer), you receive the phone call with the good news that you have been waiting for! This phone call is usually followed by an e-mail with the formal Job Offer for the position discussed.

A great emphasis should be placed in reading the Job Offer thoroughly and making sure that you understand all the requirements and explicit details mentioned inside.

Below I provide you with a checklist of things to consider prior to Accepting or Declining a Job Offer.

Ensure that your title and reporting relationship are clear

The offer letter should include your official job title and your reporting relationship. Being compatible and having a good relationship with your direct supervisor is VERY important so make yourself a favor and know this information prior to accepting the offer.

Have complete information for the reward scheme of the position

Usually, an offer letter includes your annual/monthly salary as a net amount.

Making sure that you are content and happy with that amount even though it is very important, it is not the only thing someone should consider prior to accepting or declining. You should equally focus on:

  1. Whether there’s a bonus plan, and if so, what it entails

  2. When your performance and salary review will take place

  3. Other potential perks or benefits such as Accommodation, Travel expenses, Discounted prices for company products/services

Get to learn the expectations about working hours & off-work communication

It would be a grave error to decide regarding a new Job position without knowing what your manager expects from you as far working hours as concern. Since work hours and schedules may vary among different companies, make sure you know how available your boss expects you to be in the evenings and at weekends.

Be aware of the travel requirements for the position

Some jobs require no business travel at all, some require constant travel and others fall somewhere in between. Ask questions about the business travel and what costs are covered. How often will you travel, and how long will you typically be out of town?

Career Development & Training Opportunities

Another highly important factor that should be considered prior to accepting or declining a position is the career development prospects of the position and the company.

Before making the decision, ensure that you first find out their policy for career growth and potential training opportunities. You should always look forward and plan your future career development in advance.

See the Workspace/Accommodation

Don’t accept a new job until you’ve seen your office or workstation, or you may find the working conditions intolerable. Especially for seasonal positions, you should request information or even pictures/video of your lodgings. This will ensure that you know what to expect beforehand and you can decide if the accommodations provided are acceptable to you or not.

Meet the Team

One of the final stops prior to deciding if you accept or decline a position is the team that you will work with. It makes good sense to request to meet your teammates since accepting the position means that you will spend a sizeable part of your day with them.

Being compatible with your team will make your life more pleasant and will contribute to succeeding in your new position to a large extent.

After having considered and obtained the information from the above steps, take some time in order to make your final decision. Weight all the Pros and Cons and see yourself working in that capacity. Once you reach your decision and sleep on it, check if you remain still confident for it on the next day. If you do, you may contact your recruiting manager and let him/her know!

Bonus Tips:

ALWAYS research the company you are applying to, and its market reputation as well. If possible, you may conduct a search among your social circle to find someone that is currently working or has previously worked there. They can provide you with a well – grounded insight on the pros and cons of working in this company.

However, if someone left their position in bad terns, try to take their opinion with a grain of salt as it is possible that they might not provide an 100% objective opinion. In the end, you will make your decision based on the information you have uncovered but also your common sense and perspective!


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