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Stress Management, Wellness & Coronavirus

by Vasileianna Fragkou, HR Trainee | Workathlon

The forced “shutdown” of businesses due to COVID – 19 significantly affected the economy worldwide. Our country was not an exception. Hospitality in particular – the “heavy industry” of Greece – was affected the most.

The reopening of businesses has started timidly, while the landscape remains cloudy and uncertain for both employers and employees. Seasonal workers have to face both financial hardship and the risk of exposure to the virus. Employee wellness has become a pressing concern in the hospitality industry and we will take you on a step by step journey for the next few posts on how to tackle stress and anxiety during these tumultuous times.

So, if you work for the hospitality industry and you feel anxious about how this year’s season will proceed, how will you be protected from the coronavirus, how will you cover an entire year with few months of work, don’t feel alone. You are not the only one who feels this way. Workathlon is here to give you some useful tips on how to improve your daily life. Ready?

First, positive thinking!

First of all, do not spend your energy on imaginary scenarios that fill you with insecurity. I’d recommend that you begin with resetting your psychology. Because your daily performance is always a reflection of your beliefs and fears. And until your positivity is larger than your fears you’ll be stuck in uncertainty. You will be overwhelmed. How can you do that? By making sure you know all the information needed to protect yourself. You already know how you can protect yourself from the virus (ex. with regular hand washing, personal protective equipment such as mask, keeping distances, etc.). “I know what to do in order to protect myself, and I know as well what to do in case I feel unwell”. What can go wrong?

At the same time, Be Updated!

Yes, you need to be fully aware of what you need to do in case you or someone else in your workplace gets sick. The information will bring you one step closer to having a successful outcome if an adversity hits, and will remove the stress. But also, if you share your fears and anxieties with colleagues, you will notice that they are having similar thoughts. By sharing your anxieties, together you will face them more easily.

Cease the financial uncertainty!

First, try to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Calculate the salary you expect to get, alongside the necessary expenses and put aside, for a bit, any unnecessary money spend. Second, look for special benefits provided by government entities owing to this strenuous period, and check for any seasonal benefits you are entitled to, due to your hospitality employment history.

Become more competitive!

It is time to invest in your future. Enrich your knowledge with (online) seminars. Sharp your skills, so that next year, you will be even more competitive and grant you the financial surplus that this season deprived you of.

Many online webinars are created by Workathlon and are offered for free to all hospitality professionals. You can browse them all here.

Make sure that you have covered the essential hospitality courses, such as appearance standards, the basic rules of behaviour in your workplace, the top sales rules and the most effective ways to manage complaints. Workathlon has created an end to end introductory course called H.E.L.P. (Hospitality Essentials Learning Platform)! It is a complete online induction that covers all the hierarchical levels and positions of a hotel, and that employers can offer online to their employees. If you are interested, talk to your employer about it! It is currently available in Greek but it will be soon out in English.

Are you interested in HELP? Send us a message for more info at

Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and achieve your goals.

The path of health and well-being has started with positive thinking and the importance of education and knowledge. Follow us every week as we go through the path step by step!

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