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Stress Management & Coronavirus: Self – Care Chapter

by Vasileianna Fragkou, HR Trainee | Workathlon

Recognizing that the pandemic phenomenon has an impact on our psychology, especially of those who work in the hospitality industry, we should be more than ready to deal decisively with the stress of “our times”. There are self – care habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine, just by following some simple advice that have mainly to do with your health.

Balanced Diet

It will help you not only stay healthy, but also feel strong and full of energy. Make sure you include fruits and vegetables in your diet and eat small meals regularly. It is important not to spend too much time on an empty stomach, as well as to drink a lot of water. In order to really enjoy the benefits of a good diet, you should follow it daily and never neglect what your body consumes.

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In addition, you should limit the consumption of caffeine, sugar and alcohol. It is not as difficult as you may think. You will feel so differently when you realise how beneficial it is to abstain from these substances. Vitamin D is also important to both health and stress control. In summer, 10 – 15 minutes of sun exposure are enough!

Physical Exercise

No matter how tired you may feel, it is important to spend at least a few minutes each day exercising, even if it is mild. Just a walk in nature, a few minutes of running, or a short video training (yoga, pilates, etc.) are enough. The body can better deal with stress when it is in a fit mode. Also, the mind concentrates on exercise and puts aside negative thoughts.

There are now too many free apps that can help you work out in your spare time. This way the body will be able to build its own defenses against the risk of COVID.

Find time to relax

Sleep as much as your body needs and try to find opportunities to relax, no matter how demanding your schedule is. Snatch 5 minutes for some deep breaths, which are very beneficial. You could adopt them daily before and after your work. When working, try to keep a steady pace and sace energy. It is important for the immune system to be strong and armed against the risk of coronavirus.

The path of health and well – being has started with positive thinking, while it got richer with physical & mental exercise. Follow us as we go through the path step by step!

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