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Summer is your moment to shine professionally!

Oh sweet, sweet summer. This is the time of year when your social program is full of constant changes, but your work life is a bit stagnant – you have to admit it!

As a result, most people think of summer as the worst time to look for a job – they think that companies have quitted hiring for these warm months.

But is this really true? Do you need to put your job search on hold until September?

We all believe in some common myths about job research during summertime. Let’s shoot them together straight away!

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First of all, let’s be clear: Recruitment DOESN’T stop during the summer.

Recruiters do not stop their activities in the summer. Ok, there are some positions that follow a more specific recruiting cycle, making some months more productive than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit your job search until the first autumn leaves fall!

The following 4 reasons will not only convince you that you should not stop looking for a job now, but also that it is probably the best time to do it!

1. There is less competition

Think about it: if everyone assumes that summer is not a good time for job applications, your resume won’t have many others to compete with. The shallower the ‘sea of competition’ is, the better your chances of succeeding are!

Finish your resume and perfect your cover letter – even when you think all employers are taking a break. While they are planning their next vacation, you will be planning your next career move.

2. Recruiters are less busy

Yes, you will obviously receive “I’m out of office right now” emails from recruiters (they are entitled to vacation too!) But during their office hours? HR department is not actively involved in end-of-year or tax-related projects, so they have more time to classify and meet job applicants.

The fewer things the recruiter has to do, the more time he can devote to filling any open positions, which automatically means that your application is more likely to be reviewed immediately. Goodbye waiting list!

3. It will be easier to request time off from current work

You always get excited about the interviews that interest you, right? But very quickly the excitement panics over how to explain your absence to your current boss without raising red flags. Right here too?

Summer has (again) the solution! It is a fact that you can request more easily time off work, as summer hours are more flexible. As a result, you can arrange an interview and leave job earlier without sounding an alarm, scratching a fuzzy lie or resorting to the classic dentist excuse.

4. Your networking contacts are more willing to meet you

From informational interviews to informal coffee talks, your network is a huge asset when looking for a job. Summertime is a good opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them, as people are looking for all kinds of excuses to get out of the office during summer – especially in August. So, your request to meet a new person or an old colleague will not be considered a hassle, but rather a welcome opportunity!

Do you still think summer is a time of slow speed to find a new job? Think about it again! Managers are now looking for the best talent. If they have an opening, they will not wait for autumn to recruit. So instead of taking a break, keep devoting yourself to the process and you will see your career warming up alongside with the weather!

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