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Make your next career step during Easter

Are you at that moment of your life where you are looking for a seasonal job at a hotel? Do you have limited working experience, or you do not know which position would suit you most?

Easter holidays is the best chance to find what you are looking for. As Easter is just around the corner, we gathered 7 small (and some bigger) secrets to help you job search more efficiently during this holiday!

1. Find out what you want to do

It sounds easy, but it’s the most demanding step. Once you understand what you really want to do, your job search gets a specific direction and purpose. What can you do about it? Now that you may have more spare time, you can look for career tests online. It’s a good start to explore your professional prospects.

2. Complete your resume

If you belong to the category of people who are constantly postponing the completion of their CV, it’s time to forget the excuses. Do you also claim that “you do not know what the proper structure of a resume is?” Keep in mind that web-based CVs are by no means preferable, while creativity and originality are appreciated. So, take advantage of free time holidays to create a professional and unique resume.

Tip: Do not forget to include a professional photo of yours! 

3. Create a strong network

Easter holidays is the best time to widen your professional network. Inform as many people as possible from your network that you are looking for a job. Remember that it does not matter who you know, but who knows you. Communicate with friends (especially those who are employed as they are most likely to help you), former teachers, family and business people you may know. Give them a copy of your CV and ask them to let you know if any opportunity for you comes in their way.

4. Send applications

Even if you have sent a lot of job applications and you have not received any feedback from the companies, do not give up. Job applications is a probability game, which you increase first by continuing to apply and secondly by having a network of in-house acquaintances in a company (see step 3). If you work in the hospitality industry, Workathlon is the platform that can help you create the appropriate contact points.

5. Broaden your research spectrum

Is now the time to widen your research to more than one professional area? Open your horizons and look for opportunities in areas you hadn’t thought of before. If your research so far results in a dead end, investigating new outlets is what you need. (tip: the hospitality industry does not include only hotels but a wide range of sub-sectors such as cruising or tour operating that have equally exciting opportunities)

6. Never quit

Job search is a difficult process. Many people say it is the most difficult “job” they have ever done. It is worthwhile to believe there is an opportunity out there for everyone and that all you must do, is invest as much effort as you can. And you will be rewarded.

7. Recharge

Despite all this, Easter does not cease to be a holiday season. Take the opportunity and fill your batteries: relax, go for a short trip, do things – even in the city – that you constantly postpone, meet your beloved ones that you may have not seen for a while. Whatever way you choose to regain energy, the important thing is to get away from your everyday routine. Whether Easter or not, the break from the routine is the best break of all.

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