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5 tips to hide the fact that you are nervous

Believe it or not, even if you are confident, nervousness will knock on the door before an interview, presentation, major meeting or public appearance. Why, though, are not all people before these circumstances bathed with cold sweat and heartbeat pulses? It’s simple – they’ve learned the treatment mechanisms to “camouflage” their nerves. It’s time for you to learn them too!

Here is a quick lesson on how to become a master in camouflaging your nervousness!

1) Just take a breath

The best way to handle nervousness and physical events is to maintain constant breathing. To learn how to do this effectively in any situation, exercise a few different breathing exercises when you are at home and relaxed. Once you adjust your breathing, the other natural symptoms – sweating, flushing, increased heart rate – will also decrease. Are you nervous now? Try to inhale 5 times and exhale another 5 through your nose. Repeat this for two minutes with your eyes closed or focus on a specific object. Feeling better?

2) Focus on something outside of you

When we are nervous, we are over-focusing on our own internal processes. So, in an interview or a meeting, instead of thinking about your nervousness, try to focus on someone else. Ask a question to distract yourself. This will give you time to relax a little while the other person will speak instead of you. If there is no one else around, focus on one point in the room while breathing deeply. Do not remove your eyes from the spot for two minutes, giving it your full attention.

3) Stop nervous movements

A definite sign of nervousness is the repeated movements – touching your hair, checking your phone, hitting your fingers or your legs, biting your nails. Concentrate on keeping your body relatively immobile while breathing evenly.

4) Speed down

Try to slow down your speech. Very. Make pauses between suggestions and breathe deeply before continuing. Fast talking is a definite sign of nervousness. To hide it, make a conscious effort to speak slowly and clearly.

5) Prepare yourself for the worst

Sometimes we start to get nervous when we feel inadequate. The best way to combat this feeling is to always be prepared. A sense of readiness can alleviate feelings of nervousness and anxiety as it strengthens the level of confidence in yourself!

Inspiration: Hosco

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