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How to survive seasonal job in Greece – Part 2

Natalia Chantzis, Hotelier – Avaton Luxury Villas Resort, Relais & Châteaux, writes for Halkidiki:

The summer season has begun and Halkidiki is full with hotel employees ready to welcome guests from all over the world! If you are one of them, you will find the three most useful tips for the season below.

1. Learn as much as possible about the sights and activities in Halkidiki

Maybe you are someone who believes that ‘there is no place like Halkidiki’, but are you sure you know it that well? Regardless of which position you work, visitors may ask you for information about local attractions matching their interests. This means that you should be able to give answers for all tastes – do not mention only the local beach bars, clubs and restaurants you have recently visited!

For visitors interested in culture, the most important site you should mention is Holy Mount Athos. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and is the only independent monastic state in Europe. It is one of the most spiritual places in the world! Today there are 20 monasteries and 2,000 monks living there. Guests are able to cruise around the Holy Mount Athos with the boats that depart from the Tower of Ouranoupoli.

Did you know that the ancient Greek philosopher, and teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle was born in Ancient Stagira, Halkidiki in 384 BC? Guests may visit the ancient city where he lived or Aristotle’s Park, which includes structures which operate with the laws of nature described in his books. Other cultural attractions include Ancient Olynthos, Polygyros Archaeological Museum, the folk museums of Afytos, Arnea and the Parthenon.

For wine lovers, you could suggest a visit to the wineries in Halkidiki. Some of the best known ones are Claudia Papayianni estate in Arnea, Tsantali Agios Pavlos estate in Agios Pavlos and Chromitsa in Mount Athos, Porto Kara estate in Sithonia, and Domaine Tzikas in Kassandra.

For those who want to feel closer to the nature, you could recommend a hike on the Aristotelian Walk that is in a Natura 2000 protected area. Suggest a visit to the Varbara Waterfall at Holomontas, the wetlands of Nea Fokea and to the only islands of Halkidiki: Ammouliani, Drenia , Diaporo and Kelifos. If the travelers want to explore the best beaches, they are definitely in the right place. Halkidiki is the destination with the most blue flags in Greece counting 85 beaches (you can find them on a dedicated mobile app).

A variety of other activities such as yachting, water sports, scuba diving, jeep safari, rent a boat are scattered almost everywhere in Halkidiki.

2. Halkidiki is mainly a family destination

But what does this mean for you? In order to treat the guests in the best possible way, you have to think about how you would like to be treated as a parent if you were traveling with your child as well as what would make your kid happy. For example, when fixing their airport transfer, make sure that a kid’s car seat is provided. Baby cots and a strollers are available in the room and babysitters are available just in case they are needed. The restaurant employees should make sure that there are a sufficient number of baby chairs in the restaurant and the kitchen should be able to prepare the children’s dishes first. Go above and beyond by providing a toy toy or putting up a baby decoration in the room.

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3. Do not let short distances mislead you

It’s Friday morning, you have a day off, you are in Moudania, and you want to visit Paliouri to see friends or relatives. You expect to be back at work at 18:00 that day. But have you estimated the traffic on your way back? What if you are late and you are found out by your manager? If you do not want something like this to happen, try to avoid the peak days and times for your transportation, and make sure you reach your destination well in advance. I wish a great season!

Maria Profka, Assistant Marketing Manager – H Hotels Collection, writes for Rhodes:

One can give many descriptions about the island of Rhodes. The island of the sun, the island of the knights, the emerald island…

Whatever you call it, we all know it is as one of Greece’s most famous and stable tourist destinations.

Known for its medieval old town, the butterfly valley, the acropolis of Lindos, its cosmopolitan side as seen on the famous beaches like St. Paul’s, as well as its lively nightlife, Rhodes is an island that has hidden treasures for everyone.

The mix of natural beauty, history, culture, gastronomy and entertainment is what has made the island one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and professionals who choose to work on the island for the summer season.

So how does anyone choose where to work in Rhodes? What should one know about the island? How will one survive the season there?

Tip 1: Find what suits you.

The jobs that open on the island during the summer season are many and varied. From restaurants, cafes, beach bars, shops to small and large hotel units, Rhodes has it all. Each post has some benefits to offer if you make sure you are fully informed in advance about the job responsibilities and requirements. This way, you will be able to choose the best option for you.

Tip 2: Explore the island.

Give yourself time to explore the island a few days before starting work. Visiting the attractions and getting to know the locals will make you fall in love with Rhodes, feel its energy, and understand why visitors choose to visit it year after year. This experience will in turn help you communicate your knowledge by working as an informal “tour guide” for your guests.

Tip 3: Absorb Knowledge.

Whichever job you choose, be it in a hotel unit or in a restaurant, embrace yourself with patience and a desire to learn. Every professional experience and collaboration gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge about your respective industry. This is especially true in an island like Rhodes, which offers opportunities to work under pressure but at the same time in very creative ways.

Tip 4: Create vacation experiences.

In our experience, the traveller chooses his holiday based on the service provided. Everyone seeks to create experiences through their travels and not just enjoy luxurious facilities. The aim is to offer each visitor the chance to experience Hospitality, a high level of service and the creation of memories. What are the essential requirements to provide the above? Kindness, lots of smiles, and perseverance.Take note of the above tips, prepare your luggage, armor yourself with an appetite for work and experience Rhodes for everything it has to offer. You will be sure to dream of returning to the island for more than one season.

We owe a big thank you to Mrs. Profka and Hantzis for the time they found in the middle of the season to introduce season conditions of Rhodes and Halkidiki to their present and future colleagues!



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