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How to prepare your season hiring documents

by Gavriella Avramidou, Talent Acquisition Manager | Workathlon

Summer jobs are extremely popular in Greece as the majority of hotels and resorts operate usually from April until October.

So it’s the best time for you to pick-up your laptop and create a professional profile in hospitality portals like Workathlon. Target hospitality companies, let’s say hotels, get in front of them, and present yourself as the solution. As soon as you land your ideal job, you feel like diving into unknown waters. This article is here to help you overcome any fear for the unknown and step into your seasonal position properly prepared.

Be it in an international chain or at a local hotel, you will most likely be requested to collect and fill in several documents. Most likely, hotels will ask you to bring all of them in on your first day at work. It is strongly suggested that you keep both hard copies and e-files of all your documents as company policies and procedures vary a lot!

Make sure you you include everything from the checklist below:


Companies usually ask you to bring both your ID and a photocopy of it. If you come from an EU country you must issue a residence permit, and if you come from a country outside EU, you may need a document which proves your eligibility to work in Greece. (ie work permit, refugee status etc.).

Tax, insurance & social security

In order to live and work in Greece, you need to register to the TAX office (DOY), the Social Security office/Citizen Support office (KEP) and the Insurance office (IKA).

Health status

Regardless of your job position, you need to visit a pathologist at least 15 days prior to your starting date. He/She will then guide you through the relevant health tests (X-Rays, blood tests) and verify, or not, your eligibility to work in hospitality operations.

Special work permission

Some professions, like food and beverage employees (article 4 of G.D. 180/1979), are requested to issue and hold an additional special work permission.

Financial standing, bank account

In order to issue a bank account, you need to prove your permanent residence, your employment status and your financial standing.

Marital status

Meaning, in the case you are married with children, do pay a visit to your local Municipality to issue a marital status certificate and bring it to your first day at work.

Criminal record

Large hotels, which employ a large number of people, will ask you to bring a certificate attesting that you have not been declared with criminal offenses in the past, for them to assess your trustworthiness.

Previous work experience

Your work experience might affect your gross salary, your leave days, or your insurance class, so make the corresponding copies of documents like references from previous employers, job assessments etc, in case you are asked to demonstrate them at your first day of work or in advance.

Qualifications & professional competences

Some hotels store data related to their employees’ education status, foreign languages and other skills. Yes, do include them in your table of contents and proudly demonstrate them.

Authorization/Letter of representation

If any unexpected cases come up, always have a printed Statement of Representation and you can have a relative of yours help you with the authorities.

We hope this information is useful and will help you throughout your amazing experience in whichever part of Greece you choose to work!

Stay tuned as a complete Guide by Workathlon with detailed instructions on how to get all the above documents will be released very soon!


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