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Experience of a Hospitality employee | part 1

by Tatiani Kostopoulou, Front Office Associate

Everybody working in the hospitality industry, knows that every day is a different experience. This happens as we meet people of different ages, origins and cultural backgrounds.

At the hotel I am currently working for, the above is our everyday goal as some of our guests come just for vacation whereas others come for work. We are really doing our best to accommodate all these different needs without losing our identity. At the end of the day, this is what makes us differ!

To begin with, one of the most unique periods of this year was undoubtedly the host of the Mediterranean Beach Games that were taking place in Patras! Our hotel was – and still is – full of athletes from all around the world, who visited our city in order to participate in the Games.

Having the opportunity to meet so many people from different countries and origins, who came to pay respect to the organization of the Games and to our city has been a blessing!

To continue with, I will never forget the moment we experienced with the athletes after the opening ceremony of the Games. They got back to the hotel and we suggested that they stay at our vivid lobby area and share their experience with us.

At first, they were reluctant- most probably because they did not expect such a suggestion. At the end, not only they spent many hours with us but also, they participated in the activities that take place every evening in the hotel.

We listened to many different perspectives regarding the Games, and the athletics in general, in many different languages. We discussed and we helped our guests learn a few expressions in Greek! It is really unbelievable how much they appreciated it and how interesting it was for them. The next day almost everybody was waiving in Greek. They were really enjoying themselves trying to learn something new!

Trends in Hospitality are changing for sure. Nowadays, travelers are no longer seeking for the luxurious yet a bit impersonal kind of holidays. They do seek for exploring the cities while meeting local people – the real soul of these cities. Experience and not just a day or two in a hotel room is what they are looking for.

Regardless the main reason why people travel, there is always some time to emerge themselves into something new. This is exactly the essence of Hospitality. It is our pleasure to see our guests having fun!

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