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5 reasons to work at Mitsis Hotels

Finding a job in tourism is always a demanding process. One reason for that is the choice of employer. How will you know in advance the quality of a workplace, the benefits or how you will fit in with the team?

And yet, there are clues that can help you get an idea beforehand!

It is worth analyzing the example of Mitsis Hotels group, as it is a leading employer in the field of hospitality!

See the 5 reasons why you should choose a hotel of the group to be your next job:

It is the largest privately owned hotel chain in Greece

And why is this important? Because you can choose the region of your preference! With 19 hotels at its disposal in the most beautiful destinations of the country, in Athens, Kamena Vourla, Crete, Kos and Rhodes, you can work wherever you want!

Its experience in the field

The Mitsis Hotels group has been a pioneer in tourism for 45 years, charting its own course in the country's tourism industry. This means that you will be in contact with experienced professionals and time-tested practices. What's better for your career development and resume?

It gives value to its employees

With an emphasis on the concept of respect for diversity, equal treatment and equal opportunities for all, it employs more than 4,500 workers, in the context of long-term and stable cooperation relationships. It places special emphasis on staff development, organizing an ecosystem of training programs and seminars every year to support you at every stage of your career. If you are looking for professional development and upgrading your skills, this is the right place for you!

Taking care of its customers

The group aspires to be the first hotel group in Greece in the preferences of its guests, offering excellent services, unique locations, impeccable facilities, refined gastronomy, a wide range of choices and rich experiences to its customers.

Responding flexibly to the needs of customers and the mentality of the new generations, it makes the most of its family care and its authentic Greek identity to realize its vision: To transform every visitor into an honored guest. This translates into fewer unhappy customers and a pleasant work environment where you can do what you love even better!

It rewards dedication and good work

From July 2022, the group has established a reward program that includes the recognition of the top employees of the month, based on its core values ​​and the achievements of the teams. It recognizes hard work and passion for hospitality and communicates it in all 19 of its hotels. The best opportunity to build a name and reputation in the industry that is.

If you're named employee of the month, you'll have 6 alternative awards to choose from and you'll receive a diploma and badge to wear until you pass it on to the next winner. It's not a bad thing to be recognized for your hard work, is it?

The example of the Mitsis Hotels group can show you how to look for some key signs of a top employer before applying for a position.

If you also want to work for Mitsis Hotels, I have good news for you: you can! And you can even pass the interview without even sending a CV!

The group will be at the Hospitality Career Days 2022 at XENIA on 27 & 28 November and invites you to write your own career story together! #CreateYourOwnStory

Register for the event here and book your slot today!

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