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You can not buy the loyalty of your employees. You have to win it!

According to recent surveys, 75% of employees who quit their jobs voluntarily did so because of their bosses and not because of the position itself. When employees do not feel connected to the company's vision, they feel undervalued and their contribution is not appreciated, it does not take them long to "leave the ship" and look for another job that will recognize their contribution.

Often poor management leads to the dismissal of an employee. Employees are loyal first to their boss and then to the company. Eventually, people do not leave their jobs, but their bosses.

Many executives believe that employees are automatically loyal just because they get a standard salary. The truth is that loyalty is not for sale. Loyalty must be earned. All the money, privileges or well-organized team-building activities will not keep your employees if you continue to treat them poorly. If your business has a high employee turnover rate, it may be time to look in the mirror.

To increase employee confidence you need to pay more attention to how you treat your employees:

  • Do not treat employees like machines. Employees want to know that their employer understands their need for work-life balance and that they respect their personal time.

  • Create opportunities for growth and development. Always be sure that there are ways for your employees to grow and do the job that inspires them.

  • Recognize the efforts and achievements of employees. Everyone wants to feel useful. Frequent and honest recognition keeps the team committed and productive.

  • Don't get personally involved in every detail. Trust your employees. Give them autonomy and space to do their work as they know how.

  • Provide staff with appropriate training and support. The training highlights the company's commitment to the employees regarding their personal and professional development.

  • Show empathy. Show that you care. Very few bosses show empathy towards their team members, even though this does help improve overall team morale and performance. Become one of these bosses.

  • Communicate openly and often. You must be in frequent communication with employees and receive feedback. Listening and being proactive about employee feedback shows that you value and consider them.

Employees are the backbone of any company. People make businesses successful. Any strategy or business plan relies on motivated and committed people to achieve it!

This is why the most successful companies focus on people and the relationships between them, making sure that both are not only managed but also led and cared for in as human a way as possible. Happy employees are always willing to go above and beyond to help the company grow.

Loyalty is a mutual path. If you want the loyalty of your employees, you must first give it to them. Employees spend a large part of their lives at work. They don't ask for much – they want to work in an environment where they are valued.

Sometimes it's the little things you do that count the most. So, if you want to get the best out of your employees, show them your best self first.

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