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The humble art of Bar through the eyes of a Bartender

by Dimitris Kesedopoulos, Bartender

In my workplace, I always try to capture my thoughts and ideas in the menus I create, so that the guest can interpret what I want to say through their taste combined with their own experiences or memories. After all, this is the real bet for us – the so-called Bartenders – Mixologists.

Why do I call the art of bar humble?

This humble art has conquered my heart and I have been professionally serving it for many years now. The truth is that I think years go by really quickly in a bar, probably because we truly enjoy ourselves despite any tiredness we may face. The reason why I call it a humble art is that I classify it as one of the fine arts. Every kind of fine art must be based on humility. A good Bar Manager is distinguished by three points: grand design, human execution, and humble desire for success.

This way only one can inspire, and unite the staff so that all together can please guests.

To have an opinion one must first have knowledge. That is why in our art we need good education and interest in continuous learning. Then comes the uniqueness that a bar leader should be characterized with.

The criteria for staff recruiting, team building, materials, and product selection should always aim to satisfy our guests, but also to harmonize everything in the place where we work, leaving – as far as possible – no space for mistakes.

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The world of the Bar

The bar is a miniature of the society we live in. The bartender becomes a shareholder and observer of the situations that take place there, so besides being good at his field, he must also be true and human.

In every piece of work that man produces he needs to invest love; love for the art that takes form and love for the man to whom its work is addressed.

The bar is a refugee for most of our guests; they come to us, they are sometimes demanding but they all need equal hospitality and treatment. It is therefore inappropriate to overestimate or underestimate someone because of their financial status, political beliefs, groups that claim to belong to, or other kinds of differences that socially divide people. Our mission is to bring everyone together.

In the bar area, mutual respect is the framework we all belong to, and through that respect comes the need for friendship. If there was no need for the above, perhaps none of us would be in the bar.

To conclude, it is no coincidence that alcohol from ancient times has provided man with a cure for many problems – diseases of mind and body. This use of alcohol, in a controllable way, continues today, and we must feel proud of being able to serve humanity through this beautiful art.

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