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Do you balance professional and personal life?

I have heard countless times employees saying that their job is their life. And I wonder: what happens if you lose your job or retire? Your job is not your life. It’s a way to live your life. It goes without saying that you owe your employer to give your best at work every day, but you don’t owe him/her your personal life, health and integrity.

We need to maintain a balance between work and other important aspects of our lives. You should be able to separate who you are from what you do. A good balance between work and personal life happens when you work to live and not when you live to work.

In order to be successful in life, one must set boundaries. If your employer does not support a work – life balance, it’s your time to set priorities. Everybody needs rest and relaxation to be able to give their best every day. This cannot be achieved if they are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dear Employers, give your employees time to recharge and enjoy their life.

When it comes to you, dear Employees, I want to remind you that you don’t have to stay stuck in a dead end job that consumes your life. You get a job so you can afford the life you want, right? So if you spend all your time working, when do you expect to live the life you work for?

Life is supposed to be enjoyed and not you just be tolerated. The job market is difficult, so make small steps every day. Send resumes, attend online courses, learn new skills, and make sure you get the right contacts. Work for someone who appreciates your hard work, talent and faith. Live a life of purpose!

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