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Experience of a Hospitality employee | part 2

by Dionysos Servos, Haute Living concierge

Some years ago, I was working as a bellman at one of the most famous resorts in Greece. I was lucky enough to work with a Front Office Manager who was meant to be my professional role model. This man, though young at about 35, had grown up professionally through really hard work, and had to share every kind of experience from abroad.

Already from the interview, he had made me feel comfortable and the process had developed in a very good mood. Towards the end, just before I left, I remember him giving me a very strong handshake and, as I wasn’t used to it back then, I thought it was a sign of “competition” by his side. As soon as I got home from the interview and searched for the meaning of that handshake, I understood that the man towards me was giving me the first sign of the myth that surrounded him!

This manager had organized the front office department in a perfect way, while the cooperation among the employees was excellent. So one day, I had to make a transfer from the buffet restaurant to the reception desk. Waiting for the visitors, I stood near the entrance of the restaurant. Suddenly, the restaurant manager came out and started attacking me verbally without any reason. He was neither the calmest nor the most gentle man I knew but his attitude made a really bad impression on me.

Returning to the reception desk, my manager asked me if I was okay. It was then that I explained to him what had previously happened. After I had finished my narration, I saw him running to get the golf carts we were driving. He headed to the restaurant where he found the restaurant manager and asked for an explanation for his behavior. He clearly wanted to protect his team for the future. The restaurant manager then changed his behavior and became more polite.

Towards the end of that season, I had a feeling that my favorite manager would not continue working with us. So, during the final assessment, I wasn’t able to hold my tears, even though I have never told him what he meant to me.

Mr Z. thank you so much for your attitude. You gave me a valuable leadership lesson – extremely useful to my career. For me, you will always be a role model!



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