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10+1 Top Job Positions in Hospitality for 2020

by Nikol Louzi, Portal Administrator | Workathlon

Yes, it is a fact that COVID-19 has affected the hospitality industry and the hotel recruitment process is frozen – for now. Nevertheless, there are always many opportunities in a crisis, as long as we are open to seeing and seizing them.

The situation may not be so favorable for employees in the Tourism industry, however, it is a time that will soon pass and hoteliers will start looking for talented candidates again! So, let’s go immediately to the 10+1 most sought-after positions in the industry for 2020 and get employment ideas. We start from No 11 and go up to No 1 where we have the highest absorption rate in the industry right now!

11. Sales Manager


  1. BS/MS degree in business administration or a related field

  2. Previous experience in the same position or a minimum of 2 – 3 years in hotel sales

Some responsibilities:

  1. Achieve growth and hit sales targets by successfully managing the sales team

  2. Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs

10. Front Office Manager


  1. Experience as a Front Office or Front Desk Manager

  2. Excellent knowledge of customer service, office management, and basic accounting procedures

Some responsibilities:

  1. Training, supervision, and support of Front Office staff

  2. Ensures that the reception area is neat and has all the necessary stationery and materials

9. Restaurant Manager


  1. Experience as a Restaurant Manager, Restaurant General Manager or similar role

  2. Extensive food and beverage (F&B) knowledge

Some responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating daily restaurant management operations

  2. Delivering superior food and beverage service and maximizing customer satisfaction

8. Hotel / Operation Manager


  1. Proven experience as a Hotel Manager or in a related position

  2. Understand all hotel business management practices and related laws and guidelines

Some responsibilities:

  1. Supervise work at all levels (concierge, kitchen staff, maids, office workers, etc.) and set clear goals

  2. Budget/expenditure management, analysis, and interpretation of financial data, and sales and profit tracking

7. Executive / Head Chef


  1. Proven experience as a Chef

  2. Strong strategic leadership skills

Some responsibilities:

  1. Organize the kitchen and build the menu

  2. Participate in the costing of the dishes

6. Bartender


  1. Proven experience as a bartender

  2. Excellent knowledge of mixing, garnishing, and serving drinks

Some responsibilities:

  1. Preparing drinks and cocktails for hotel bars and restaurants

  2. Assessment of customer needs and preferences and proper suggestions for drinks and cocktails

5. Front Office Agent


  1. Proven experience as a Receptionist or Front Office Representative

  2. Excellent knowledge of Hotel Management Software

Some responsibilities:

  1. Welcome guests upon arrival at the hotel

  2. Answer and forward incoming phone calls

4. Waiter A


  1. Proven experience in restaurant or hotel catering

  2. Teamwork and interpersonal communication skills

Some responsibilities:

  1. Taking customer orders and delivering food and beverages

  2. Making menu recommendations, answering questions, and sharing additional information with restaurant patrons

3. Cook B


  1. BS degree in Culinary science or related certificate

  2. A proven track of food preparation, presentation, and preservation knowledge is essential

Some responsibilities:

  1. Support of the kitchen team

  2. Αssistance of more senior chefs in the proper handling of kitchen supplies

2. Housekeeper


  1. Proven experience as a Housekeeper

  2. Ability to work with low supervision and maintain a high level of performance

Some responsibilities:

  1. Perform cleaning activities such as wiping, dusting, and polishing

  2. Ensure that all rooms are well maintained and inspected in accordance with hotel standards

1. Cook A


  1. At least 3-year experience in cooking in a well–established restaurant

Some responsibilities:

  1. Estimate the daily production needs and continuously check the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met

  2. Μanage the specific station and provide the highest levels of consistency on the dishes that they are tasked with cooking

These job positions, as well as many others, are the most sought in the tourism industry. It is important to keep in mind that this unexpected period is an opportunity for expanding our knowledge and focusing on personal development! So, until things get back to normal, stay positive!

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