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Are your Employees your Hotel’s Ambassadors?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager | Workathlon

A common question of a company that cares about its employer branding reputation would be how to get people more engaged and motivated in their position.

The most well-managed companies have realized that despite conventional wisdom, they cannot build strong brands by the marketing department alone. Every employee in every department has a role to play. Building a strong brand means that employees feel connected to the corporation. If a company doesn’t inspire its talents to be its brand ambassadors, something is missing.

In order to help you understand if you are doing a good job in employee engagement, here we have gathered 10 questions to help you figure out if your employees have become your hotel’s ambassadors:

#1: When was the last time you had a one-on-one conversation with your employees?

#2: When was the last time someone went above and beyond their duty at the company?

#3: Do your employees have the desire to improve in their work?

#4: When was the last time your employees shared job listings and brand content because they want the people they care about to feel as fulfilled at work as they do while also making their employer look good?

#5: When was the last time you surprised your employees to instill a good mood?

#6: Are your employees respectful and helpful to each other?

#7: What is the most frequent cause of your employees’ resignation?

#8: Do you encourage your employees to share their day-to-day working experiences with a company-wide hashtag?

#9: When was the last time you felt the need to share your vision, goals, and mission with each employee, to understand the business context and the bigger picture of your company?

#10: Are your employees always up-to-date with new trends within their industry?

Employees acting as brand ambassadors are essential to the extension of your brand reach, the increase of leads and lead quality, and the improvement of social recruiting. Furthermore, they can be your best storytellers. It’s no surprise that employee ambassadors can influence the quality and volume of candidates that apply to your company and help you recruit top talent!

Just take some time and think, how can this can impact your brand visibility and overall revenue?

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