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How to smoothly welcome your new employees

by Gavriella Avramidou| Talent Aquisition Manager – Workathlon

You’ve offered a successful applicant a position, and they’ve accepted. That’s great news as good staff is hard to find!

However, having in mind the historical battle of hotel industry which is characterized by extremely high employee turnover rates (more than 70% globally), let’s get realistic.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. If things will get disappointing that first day, it is likely that your successful candidate will look towards the exit door.

The struggle

You have spent time uploading and updating job adverts, screening resumes, contacting candidates, interviewing and accessing them and then training, motivating and engaging your employees. Now that you’ve found your ideal match you can understand the great importance of a well-organized induction program, in order to assure the best customer-service.

The welcoming

First, you must welcome your new team members. Then, you should tell them what you’re all about, and give them the knowledge and confidence to hit the ground running. It is important for you to remove the uncertainty and help reduce beginner’s mistakes in that crucial initial period. Right and beforehand preparation of your Induction Process is the key.

Induction is a very big part of Onboarding – the continuous process beginning with the hiring and ending when new employees are fully settled into their new role.

The process

We could say that this process consists of 4 equally important parts:

  1. the preparation before employees’ arrival

  2. the first days’ orientation

  3. the employees’ feedback within the first month

  4. the overall induction review

Before employees’ arrival, you should prepare for your new hires an up to date information package. Next show them around and let them know about the employee provisions and policies. Do not forget to include induction review discussions with specific job objectives within the overall induction programme.

You are not convinced yet about the importance of a well-planned induction process? If not, please read this article once more. If yes, stay tuned for the complete induction checklist that is coming to Workathlon’s blogpost very soon!



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