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5 ways to improve your Hotel’s Productivity

Some real time – savers when “there are not enough hours” in a day…

Once you start on your exciting journey of being a Hotel owner or manager, it doesn’t take long before you realize that there are a lot of moving parts that need your special “care” on a daily basis.

As we can all understand, keeping a Hotel of any size functioning smoothly, is a challenge.

Providing a high – quality guest experience via first-rate Hotel management takes time and dedication.

Sometimes, it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when it comes to smaller family-run Hotels or peak season bookings. Back-to-back reservations, high guest turnover at peak times, and many other factors can stress your personnel and cause their performance and productivity level to drop.

If you want to instantly improve the way your Hotel operates, then you should definitely focus on improving its productivity. At first glance, a clear communication is absolutely a prerequisite so that every member of your Hotel personnel knows what they should be doing and when. Nonetheless, you can also improve the productivity of your staff, using both modern technology and old-fashioned techniques.

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With this in mind, below you will find five simple ways, with which you can make significant improvements in productivity!

1.Offer your Employees more motivation

Your employees may want your Hotel to improve its productivity, but they have less of a natural incentive than owners or managers. You can change that by providing monetary or other physical incentives for productivity. The “reward” does not always have to be big; the competition may often also inspire the employees to “give a little bit more” of themselves to their jobs.

2.Go paperless

How much time is wasted at the front desk by sorting through old paperwork of information? What if you could reduce the time you spend shuffling papers down to the minimum? Going paperless is a big boost to your productivity. Today, you can scan nearly every document you have on file and add them to a computerized system, saving you from touching those papers again. Future documents can be created directly online; this has a positive environmental impact as well.

3.Use popular messaging apps and create group chats

Have a dependable channel of communication for employees and management. For example, “WhatsApp” and “Slack” can help both small and large Hotels become more efficient by creating message groups for each department of the Hotel. Employees can then relay guest needs and actionable items to all staff within moments, saving time and improving guest services, while also keeping the managers informed.


Take advantage of the outsourcing, when it is possible. A Hotel professional can’t be expected to also be a professional accountant, marketer, website designer, or photographer as well. Save time by hiring an expert! This is often the most affordable option in the long term, too.

5.Use social media tools for your posts

You can always use tools, such as “Hootsuite” or “AgoraPulse”, to schedule social media posts ahead of time. Although the communication on social media is best done “live,” these pre-scheduling tools will help you maintain a consistent presence during the periods of the year you’ll be too busy to post.



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