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7 characteristics of Female Leaders

Drawing inspiration from a recent article by author, speaker and CEO of the award-winning Artitudes Design Inc., Andrea Heuston, Workathlon has decided to dedicate the current article female leaders in Hospitality or other industries.

What makes these women to stand out? “I have been investigating these women for years. From Oprah Winfrey to Coco Chanel to Indira Gandhi and Melinda Gates, these women have power and the definite but vague “something” that creates faith and makes you follow them”, writes Heuston.

Can we isolate and emulate the characteristics of successful female leaders? I think we can. Especially in Hotels there are many women at important positions, so it’s worth noting

7 characteristics of women leaders:

1) They use their power for good

They are constantly looking for opportunities to make the world around them better. Their purpose is always marked by giving others, including themselves, a sense of hope and inspiration.

2) They seek and receive support

No one can ever achieve on his own. Leaders who realize and are interested in continuous personal and professional development and are asking for open support are the ones who eventually succeed.

3) They never give up

Despite the failures and losses, strong women focus on the positive. A leader who knows what she wants is always determined and does not let the temporary difficulties prevent her from achieving her goals.

4) They have confidence

Self-confidence means belief in your ability to succeed. People love leaders with inspire confidence because they give them a sense of trust.

5) They are optimistic

Most people cannot follow a pessimistic leader. And why should they do it anyway? Strong and successful women leaders articulate a vision and move boldly towards it with positive energy.

6) They are authentic

Successful women leaders do not copy others. On the contrary, they create great results with authenticity, personal style and careful consistency in the presentation of their talents. These leaders tend to learn from others around them, but they manage to remain true to themselves and their values.

7) They have a strong voice

Women leaders have a willingness to communicate their truth and be heard, even if the message cannot be widely accepted. They are careful with their words, but they know that their own voice is, in the end, their most powerful tool to create change.

Successful women leaders are sure about themselves. It may not have been so. However, with time, patience and hard work, they have emerged to help create changes in the world.

Gentlemen, it does not mean that only women have these characteristics when taking up key positions! Just let this moment be theirs…!


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