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One&Only Aesthesis: Your Pathway to a Remarkable Career in Luxury Hospitality

As the hospitality industry continues to flourish, one name stands out among the rest – One&Only Aesthesis.

Set to make its grand debut in Glyfada, Athens, this ultra-luxury hotel promises an extraordinary experience for guests and an unparalleled career opportunity for hospitality professionals.

With its commitment to excellence, employee development, and a captivating work environment, One&Only Aesthesis is poised to become the employer of choice in the industry.

Discovering a World of Opportunities:

At One&Only, hospitality professionals have the chance to embark on a remarkable career journey. As an employee, you will be immersed in a world where luxury meets innovation, where each day presents new opportunities to exceed guest expectations and create unforgettable moments.

One&Only Aesthesis

Employee Benefits that Exceed Expectations:

One&Only understands the importance of taking care of its team members, recognizing their contributions, and fostering a supportive work environment. As part of the renowned Kerzner International, the hotel offers a range of exceptional employee benefits that go beyond the ordinary.

Life at One&Only:

From competitive compensation packages to comprehensive healthcare coverage, employees receive the support they need to thrive both personally and professionally. Additionally, generous vacation and leave policies ensure a healthy work-life balance, allowing you to enjoy all that Athens and its surroundings have to offer.

One&Only Aesthesis is not just another luxury hotel; it is a gateway to an exceptional career in hospitality.

Career Development and Growth:

One&Only is committed to nurturing talent and providing ample opportunities for career development. As an employee, you will have access to Kerzner's extensive training programs and resources, designed to enhance your skills and unlock your full potential.

The hotel's dedication to career growth is further demonstrated by its internal promotion policies. With a culture that values talent and recognizes achievements, deserving employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and advance within the organization.

hospitality employees

Join the Extraordinary:

If you are a passionate hospitality professional seeking a career in an exceptional environment, One&Only Aesthesis invites you to be part of its prestigious team. By joining this renowned ultra-luxury hotel, you become part of a global family committed to redefining the standards of hospitality.

Start your journey towards an enriching career in luxury hospitality with One&Only Aesthesis today.

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