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I want you in my team! Do you want me as your employer?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager | Workathlon

Do you still want to follow a more traditional management model in the Hotel you own or work for? However, modern recruiting era suggests a new reality. Companies and candidates seem to have the same bargaining power in the labour market. It is a very common fact that candidates, before accepting a job offer or even before expressing their interest for an organization, conduct a research on the potential employer profile. How does this affect the recruiting process of a hotel and how do businesses respond to these new conditions?

They invited me to an interview, let’s look for what this company is all about

Development of social media has made companies more transparent and vulnerable. Today candidates trust the testimonies of the already existing staff of a hotel, more than they trust the image the company itself promotes through ads and advertisements. Attracting talent depends largely on the dedication and willingness of employees to communicate a positive outlook for the company. Effectively managing the reputation of an employer has nowadays become much more complex and of strategic importance.

How can I build a strong employer brand?

By following these steps, you can start the journey of building a strong employer identity:

Set your goals

Think about what exactly you want to accomplish with your Employer Branding strategy. Some of the main goals that can be achieved are:

  1. Receive more job applications

  2. Get more qualitative resumes

  3. Increase the engagement rate of candidates

  4. Improve your reputation as an employer

  5. Build trusting relationships with candidates

  6. Get more visitors to your career site

  7. Get more candidates through social media

  8. Increase recommendation rates among candidates

  9. Increase the rate of “offer-acceptance”

If any of these goals are relevant to you, keep reading!

Target the talents you think are suitable for your business

In order to attract the most suitable candidates for the available positions, recruiters must design ‘talent profiles’. These should clearly depict the different characteristics and skills required for each role, as well as include the key motivations that will encourage the ideal candidates to apply.

For example, some employees find the provision of proper meals and accommodation more important than their involvement in decision making. For others, vertical job enrichment can mean future promotion and assuming the position of supervisor. However, this promotion, for a receptionist, can mean the loss of tips and more responsibilities that he does not necessarily want.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that one out of ten hotel employees does not consider financial incentives to be a motivating factor. These employees should be given other incentives: public recognition of their work or the right to participate in decision-making are some of the incentives that are likely to have a positive effect on them.

Learn what market is saying about you & Assess your existing reputation as an employer

  1. Google your company

  2. Interview your newly hired employees by asking them what they had heard about your company before applying to it

  3. Send a short questionnaire to the candidates who went through the interview process (whether they got the job or not)

  4. Check out what blogs a& Social Media Groups etc. are writing for you

You might be surprised by your findings!

Define how you would like to be characterized as an employer through a realistic examination of your strengths & Translate your conclusions into a clear and attractive Employee Value Proposition

Be different from your competitors; in a talent war, it is not enough for a business to be good over time. It must identify which areas are excellent, in other words it must answer the questions:

  1. What differentiates our culture and way of working from our competitors?

  2. What do we offer to our employees so that they want to return it back by performing the way we desire?

By what means of communication will you be able to promote your brand?

There are 7 channels through which talents mostly find you through:

  1. Job boards

  2. Visiting your career site

  3. Visiting your Facebook page

  4. Finding you on a Talent Network (i.e Linkedin)

  5. Talking to a representative of your company on a career day

  6. Filling out a job application form

  7. Getting to know any of your existing employees

Ok, this discussion can go on and on and on. Find more tips and revealed secrets about the creation of the ultimate Employer Brand in the full guide here.

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