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How to Create the perfect Job Advertisement

by Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon

Employers are always searching for quality candidates to join their organization. The best way to achieve this is to write an outstanding Job Advertisement (Job Ad).

Attracting talented individuals starts with communicating that there is challenging and interesting work for them to be done. Extraordinary people will not settle for ordinary jobs.

By creating an interesting job description, you will set a precedent applicants, increase the likelihood that the job will be shared, and extend your reach to a greater number of potential candidates. Remember the following as you create your next job listing.

Before posting the Job Ad,

it is a good idea to have a discussion with its direct supervisor about on the work conditions, qualifications required, daily duties, and the type of person that would be a good fit for the position.

Have a clear picture of the position’s budget and benefits,

making sure to keep its average market wage or salary in mind. That way, the job opportunity will appear more attractive to potential talents.

After preparation is complete,

it is time to decide on a title for your ad. This must be clear and easy to comprehend. By assuring that you may avoid accidental applications. Additionally, you must decide on the language the Job Ad will be written in. Keep in mind your target employees. For example, if English is mandatory for the position, it would make sense to write the Job Ad in English. However, candidates for assistant positions in which a foreign language is not a priority would respond better to a Job Ad written in the native language of the country you are looking to hire from.

Write a small introductory paragraph outlining

the location, facilities, and aspects of your company such as the number of rooms, outlets, awards, and prestige.

Following this,

add a brief synopsis of the position and its 4-5 major duties. For managerial positions the size of the team should also be mentioned.

Add the benefits,

accommodations, and other perks that a candidate will enjoy as an employee of your company.

Now, you may add

a detailed list of the responsibilities and duties of the position. Keep it to the point and be concise, since a long list with every little possible task is difficult to read. An average of the top 8-12 responsibilities should be enough for candidates to understand the requirements of the position. Include any duties that might be considered out of ordinary for such a position since this will save time for both you and the candidate at the interview stage.

Only include

the required qualifications that a candidate MUST possess in order to carry out the job efficiently. Often times, employers will ask for overqualified candidates, mistakenly thinking that by increasing the requirements they will get a superstar candidate. This usually has an adverse effect since qualified individuals might be discouraged to apply, as they did not meet one of the overqualified criteria.

Last but not least,

you should mention the soft skills that are key for a candidate to not only fit the role but that will also help him / her feel at home in your team. Since there are a seemingly endless number of soft skills, take some time to determine the most important ones for an ideal colleague. A good number of soft skills is around 4-7 depending on the position and company.

+1 Tip

When creating a job listing try not to make it disheartening for candidates who might come from different types of job experience and backgrounds outside of the “norm” of the position. An unexpected candidate might pleasantly surprise you and be an exceptional match for your company and position.

To summarize, keep always in mind that there is no actual standard for job descriptions. All you have to do is to create a coherent Job Ad that is not too text heavy, but which also relays the required information to candidates.

I hope that I gave you some useful insights on important aspects that must be present in your (ultimate) job ad!


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