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Hospitality Employers VS Coronavirus

by Ermione Ioannides, HR Trainee | Workathlon

The COVID - 19 pandemic has undeniably affected the travel and tourism industry. For both employers and employees, the difficulty to adjust to the new and unpredictable reality has increased dramatically.

The main question is, how you can overcome this fear and deal with the situation in the best way possible for you, your employees and your business. As an employer, it is extremely important to create a safe space, a comfortable and trustworthy environment, where your employees will feel that they can rely on you.

Let's take it step by step. First step is to take into consideration certain parameters in order to ensure that the people who work for you, will be safe and healthy -physically and mentally.

Before everything else, you need to make sure that all the guidelines are followed regarding COVID - 19, and that you offer your employees the working experience they need and deserve. Additionally, you should stand by them helping them adapt to the new working reality. Are you interested in finding out how to achieve all the above? Keep reading!

Everything starts with the training!

Everything starts with a good training. Training is probably the most important part of the adaptation process in the hospitality sector for the employees, since they learn how to meet their obligations successfully.

But how is it possible for the training to take place now? Is it possible for it to be accessible and safe for the employees? And the answer is yes! And we’re going to show you how.

Online it now its time to shine more than ever before?

The pandemic has lead to an unprecedented digital shift. This has not left training out of the wave of change. The benefits of online training have been known for years and yet the transformation was happening gradually. With online training employers give the opportunity to employees to watch the training at their own time, space and on their own pace.

This increases tremendously the absorption of information since an 8 hour long training vs 24 videos of 20mins split in 10 days has significantly lower retention. Online courses help trainees retain and remember information with attractive images, videos, legible fonts, movie clips, animated descriptions, and more. As an employer, you can also monitor and assess those who attended the training, ensuring equal training and information amongst your employees.

That way, the employees will feel more comfortable and safe, and will trust you more as well - with trust being one of the most important factors for a successful cooperation, especially at the time this blog is being written.

Taking all the above into consideration, Workathlon created H.E.L.P. (Hospitality Essentials Learning Platform). This is an online introductory training for all hierarchical levels that will help managers ensure that their team has the knowledge & skills they need before they even take up their job. With H.E.L.P. hotel employees will:

  • Know exactly what to do & how to behave

  • Be confident from the beginning and it will not take 2 months until they perform

  • Know how to contribute the most to the increase of sales of their department & the company as a whole

  • Feel part of a team, recognized, cared for & with prospects

HELP is now available only in Greek, but it will soon be out in English too.

Are you intrested in HELP? Reach us out at for more info.

Two more articles with helpful tips for employers to deal with the Covid-19 virus will be published soon on the Workathlon Blog. Stay tuned!

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