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9 platforms that will elevate your tourism knowledge

by Stathis Bampouklis

Find the tourism courses you needed online, without even moving from your chair!

Have you recently graduated and would like to take the next step in your career? Do you have several years of experience and wish to claim a better position?  Or would you just like to be manned with new skills? Below, we recommend 9 platforms with free and non-free tourism online courses for all hierarchy levels.

Take the next step and achieve your next professional goal with the free webinars provided by Workathlon. Top experts in tourism and hospitality impart practical and theoretical knowledge and experience to you, that will enable you to develop your potential making you irresistible in your next interview. Equip yourself with knowledge on a variety of topics including but not limited to sales, reservations, HR, Housekeeping, F&B and covid19-regulations.

2) Typsy

Typsy is an educational platform with more than 1000 tourism online courses. More specifically, you will find a plethora of topics: food & beverage, administration, housekeeping, guest experience, marketing and much more. 40 of them are offered free of charge and are approved by the Hospitality Institute which recognizes only courses that meet a wide range of basic criteria regarding quality standards and quality learning outcomes.

The “FreeStudies” offers free courses of postgraduate specialization, vocational training and personal skills development implemented by recognized educational institutions and professors. With the support of the largest Greek certification body of qualifications Vellum Global Educational Services, trainees have the mandatory or optional opportunity to participate in certification exams, while at the same time they are granted with a Europass certificate with the performance of ECVET units and a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the program. With courses upon bookings, marketing, sales and front office, the theoretical approach of each module approaches a practical look through monthly assignments, quizzes, online meetings with a professor and enough material for research.

Alison is one of the largest educational platforms with over 3,000 free courses and over 20 million learners from 195 countries. With the values of innovation, technology and creative collaboration with experts worldwide, it provides all the modern tools to empower employers, employees and trainees.  The website gives you the opportunity to choose between three types of courses: certifications, diplomas and educational paths (the creation of a self-configurable experience). Among other lessons, we recommend: Hospitality Management Studies – Hotel Operations, Hospitality Management – Health and Safety in Food Service and Diploma in Tourism Studies.

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5) edX

With 558,037 trainees, edX’s platform aspires to help you achieve your professional goals by having three principles: a) Experience (learning new knowledge with the help of video-lectures, dynamic graphics, interactive and audiovisual material) b) practice (implementation of the gained knowledge through quizzes, virtual environments, exercises that require critical thinking and more) and c) direct practical application in the labor market. Attend top courses from leading institutes and universities of the world, where among others you will learn about sustainable tourism, human resource management, luxury management, tourism marketing and much more. Choose the object that suits you and start the journey of knowledge today.

6) Udemy

With instructors from all over the world and 75 languages to its potential, Udemy has over 180,000 courses and over 40 million tutors. It aspires to create an educational culture with a wide thematic, inclusivity and a commitment to contributing to the development of employees. Some indicative courses that we recommend are the following: Hotel Management – Hotel Marketing Strategies, Strategic HR in Modern Times και How to work and live onboard a cruise ship.

With the collaboration of IE University and the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, this online platform provides courses that you can attend at your own comfort and focus on tourism-related concepts and interests, such as globalization, digital revolution, tourism marketing, sustainability and more. With free or no subscription, participants acquire managerial skills on digital marketing, finance, strategy, operations management, innovation and digital transformation. They last from 2 to 10 weeks and their goal is to provide the necessary skills and qualifications to their tourism employees in order to be able to adapt to the changes and developments of a constantly-evolving sector.

If you are seeking academic education without being burdened financially, coursera is one of the best alternatives. This website offers unique courses created and taught by professors from leading universities around the globe. Some examples are Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and many more. We recommend the following courses: Food & Beverage Management, Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization and Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers Specialization.

“Grow with Google” in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, EOT and SETE offers free digital marketing seminars in an attempt to help businesses and young employees become familiar with digital tools. With weekly lessons you can learn step by step web analytics, google ads, the creation of a website and an e-shop and much more. In September, a new series of seminars, which focuses on the use of social media and Google’s tools in tourism, has begun. They each have a duration of one and a half hours and upon completion a certificate of attendance is issued.

The alternatives are many and the knowledge infinite. In this educational “journey” you will not be alone. Most platforms provide online forums, where you will have the opportunity to communicate with other trainees and exchange any questions, but also there is support, by the teachers themselves. Do your research, find the ideal lesson and we wish you a good treat!

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