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The Hotel that lies beyond luxury.
Rethink what it means to be hospitable beyond hotel.

Join us to spread what means 'Beyond'.
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Work with YES! Hotel Group

The design hotel Group expands to Santorini. Apply now to one of the many vacancies & join their amazing team.

Love what you do.

Exceptional talent is vital for the company to thrive!

Introducing Yes!

The “YES!” Hotels group envisioned hotels as works of art and began to bring that vision to life in 2004 with the creation of the first YES! hotel Semiramis. Continuously expanding its vision, the YES! Hotels Group now features 5 unique hotels, each brilliantly designed and ingeniously crafted reinstating the notion of design hotels in Greece.

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YES! Hotel Group Vision

By bringing luxury, indulgence, exquisite design and architecture under the same umbrella and bringing local traditions and authentic culture with high-end technological advancements and modern comforts the YES! Hotel Group introduces a new era in hospitality at the most enviable locations of Greece.

Brand Ingredients & Values

Yes! Hotels Group is always part of now, follows the latest trends and dynamically adapts the needs of the modern traveller.


Yes! Hotels Group embraces, presents and promotes the local topography, produce, arts and culture.


Yes! Hotels Group upholds the value of global care and has as light a touch on the environment as possible through the use of renewable energy, recycling of greywater and
sustainable produce for the needs of the properties.


Yes! Hotels Group creates environments that seamlessly blends cultural, intellectual and physical needs, in the context of each destination.

Join us in creating unique experiences.

And now, let’s talk about your passions.

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