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New entry in the Greek market: Meet Pacha Group!

by Stavroula Kitsanou, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Workathlon

You have bumped into the two – cherry logo at least once in your lifetime. It could be at a club, a restaurant or a hotel. You felt the curated glamour, the freedom, the spontaneous fun and human interaction yourself – no doubt. How about becoming part of it?

Pacha Group is launching its first properties in Greece and it is looking for talented staff. If you want to help us spread the group’s unique vibe, keep reading!

Pacha Group Who?

Pacha Group is an international holding company that operates in the leisure, entertainment, hospitality, catering and events, fashion and fragrance segments. Ricardo Urgell founded Grupo Pacha (in Spanish) in 1966. Ricardo was born in Barcelona in 1937 and he is the grandson of Modesto Urgell. The name Pachá came from a remark made by Marisa Cobos, Urgell’s first wife, who told him that with the money he was going to earn, he would be living like a Pachá (an Arabian Prince). In 2002, the Spanish Government decided to award the Gold Medal of Merit for Tourism to him.

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Chapter Ibiza

In 1973, Pacha opened the earliest superclub in Ibiza setting the starting point for the development of tourism on the island. Since the 60s, when the hippies arrived in Ibiza, it has been characterised as a place of freedom where different cultures come together and live in harmony.

Thanks to Pacha’s two emblematic cherries, Ibiza became the entertainment capital of the world. That is why Ibiza means Pacha and Pacha means Ibiza. Who else can say this?

Worldwide Party Recipe

In contrast to what you may think, the first Pacha club was not in Ibiza! In fact, the first group’s club was Pacha Sitges, which Urgell founded together with his brother Piti Urgell in 1967. Since then, Pacha has obtained numerous club franchises all over the world in major countries like Brazil, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and several Spanish cities including Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona. Needless to say that, Pacha clubs are for many years now among the Top 100 Clubs of the world.

Nightlife is undoubtedly Pacha’s forte, and along the years it has created a flawless party recipe with careful design and decor, best sound and lighting, superstar DJs and artists like David Guetta, J Balvin, Calvin Harris – just to name a few, stunning live performances and gorgeous clientele. All these mixed well and sprinkled with secret cherry ingredients make Pacha clubs.

Additionally, Pacha publishes annual music compilations with the Pacha branding on various Music Platforms (incl. Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, etc.), starting in 2008. They also release tracks under their Record label ‘Pacha Recordings’ and ‘Pacha Multimedia S.L.

Hospitality Business

After having conquered the nightlife market, the company expanded into the hotel business with El Hotel Pacha.

The freedom and freshness of Pacha; the boldness of Lío Ibiza Restaurant Club Cabaret, the wellness with a touch of fun and the eclecticism of Destino Pacha Resort, the integrated into nature travel experience of Casa Formentera Hotel and the urban style of El Hotel Pacha are some of the most characteristic elements of the group, which has an emblematic style and personality without losing sight of its Mediterranean roots.

Ιn 2017, top notch financial backer Trilantic Europe gained status as controlling shareholder of Pacha Group. It began implementing a new management team while providing a solid bedrock and robust backing to explore new growth opportunities for the group.

The Greek market

Pacha Group decided to expand to Mykonos as the island is often called the ‘Ibiza of Greece’, alongside both islands have played host of great fun to countless cultures for millennia now. One hotel, one beach bar restaurant and one club are under development and are scheduled to operate starting from the second quarter of 2021.

Workathlon has gained Pacha Group’s trust and, therefore, it will be the group’s exclusive recruitment partner in its first steps in Greece! All its open job vacancies are waiting for you in the button below:

What is so unique about Pacha Group?

Pacha Group and its innovative concepts have created a unique lifestyle and it is associated with fun, glamour, sensuality and passion both in the minds of existing and future patronage. For this reason, Nick McCabe, group’s CEO, insists “We should not think about hotels, restaurants or clubs, but rather experiences. When people see cherries or Pacha they think of a lifestyle, a fun and rewarding experience. I want customers to always have that idea and never be disappointed. What has been created in Ibiza can be transferred to other places in the world. The magic here can be carried anywhere on the planet”.

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