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Avoid employees cancellations: How-to

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director | Workathlon

We have all experienced the phenomenon where we shake hands with a great candidate, send him a job offer, but the job doesn’t start for another 1,2,3 or even 4 months. So, how do we keep this candidate eager to work at the company rather than consider switching to another one before the season starts? If you think that a piece of advice may help you keep your talents at bay before the season starts, you are in the right place!

To start with, it's good to always remember that, even after a candidate has accepted your offer, your work isn’t done. You have to create an onboarding process that will keep them motivated and excited for their new role.

1. The Welcome Letter

First step after the candidate has signed an offer is to send them a welcoming email that will contain a confirmation of such items as start date, start time, work dress code, where to go, the first day's schedule, and other details that the new employee needs to know. For you it won't be more than 10 minutes to write it, but for the candidate it is of main importance.

2. The Housekeeping Email

In this 2nd email you may mix in company-specific information along with the content that’s purely of interest to the candidate, like other major hires, company news, expansions, renovations. This way you give candidates a taste of your company’s culture and a glimpse at the great co-workers they will have when they join your team.


3. Share Targeted Content

This third candidate email nurturing campaign is twofold. On the one side, you get to keep the candidate’s engagement high, impress them with targeted educational content, and on the other, you start training your talent before they have even started.

4. Think Outside the Box

Email is not - of course - the only way to communicate with your candidates! Do a shout-out on social media, welcoming them to your company and increasing the level of attachment they have to your company. Hold team meetings outside the office for the candidates to get to know you and for you to get to know them better.

Ready to do better for your candidates? You are just 2 steps ahead:

  1. Stay tuned for the complete Guide on how to keep your employees engaged between hiring and season's starting dates (email templates included!) &

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